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Dog & Pony will give you actionable feedback on your story, content, visuals, approach, and flow to fully optimize your sales deck.

Choose the level of review and support to meet your needs, and leave it to us to make sure you’re putting your best sales’ foot forward.

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Expert Advisers

All decks get reviewed by experts with years of experience selling and buying. You can also have your sales deck reviewed by professionals in your vertical and market; we call them Expert Advisers.

Our vertical-based Expert Advisers have experience buying or selling products and services; this includes agency and brand-side professionals, as well as sales leaders, marketers, and business development leads at technology companies.

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Useful Feedback

Pragmatic, actionable, and informative. We provide constructive feedback on the effectiveness of your sales presentation.

We also explain the reason why we are recommending something; this allows you to think more in-depth about the information and the impact it can have on your whole business.

We Understand Your Business

Any vertical, market, or buyer, Dog & Pony has the knowledge and expertise to improve your sales presentation.

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