Early Stage/Seed

The idea and the dream are ready and your next step is to get funding to make sure it comes true. This is an exciting and critical time where one mistake can cost you everything. The idea is only the beginning, it is important you have the right approach and presentation.

General Tips

Get started enhancing your Early Stage/Seed company sales deck with the following tips.

Tip 1

See what has worked for others in your vertical for inspiration or to use outright. Get started with, “All the Public Startup Pitch Decks in One Place.” Also try Googling, “[Name of Similar/Inspirational Company] pitch deck.”

Tip 2

Make sure your sales presentation can be understood without requiring someone to present it in person. Most venture capitalist (VCs) firms and investors operate in teams, and your deck may be shared with many people without you having the opportunity to present it.

Start your project right now

We are inspired by ideas and passion, and look forward to supporting your dreams. It all starts with the right pitch deck.